Teacher Introduction

Korean Course
Teacher name : Hyesue Yim

Hello, everyone! 안녕하세요! 
My name is Hyesue Yim. 

I grew up in Seoul, South Korea and studied English interpretation in tourism.
I worked in South Korea and several different countries to introduce Korean culture, life and tourism and I really enjoyed it a lot. 
After traveling many years abroad, I settled down in the Netherlands. The first thing that I did was study the Dutch language. Learning a new language is always exciting to me. Dutch language is very difficult and different from Korean language. It was really challenging for me to learn but with many mistakes I could make improvement. I hope you do the same with Korean. Just feel free to make mistakes to learn. 
Now I am studying ‘Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language’ at Cyber Hankook University of Foreign Study where it is well known in this study to improve my knowledge and skill. I’m so happy to have a chance to teach Korean at KSE, the heart of Korean education in NL with all the passionate teachers. 

I’m sure I can understand how you may feel, what you may expect and achieve as you learn Korean that is entirely different from your native language. 
Don’t worry I will help you! Not only the Korean language but also culture and life that you are interested in. Let’s have fun!

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