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Korean Language Course

Thank you for visiting our website.
We are planning to start a Korean Language Course in 2022.
Are you interested in learning Korean? Are you curious about Korea and Korean culture?
Anyone who wants to learn Korean language is all welcome !

General information :

* semester : March 9 ~ July 16

* The registration period for a student : ~ Until March 5

Lesson Fee:

Lesson fee is 250 euros per a semester (half year). A textbook is excluded.

Course Levels:

We will open Korean classes (max. 10 people a class) for a beginner 1 and beginner 3 levels for this semester

Class Choice:

<Saturday classes (Time:09:15~12:00)>

< Saturday classes (Time: 09:15 ~ 12:00) >

*Beginner level 1  (Offline): Saltoschool de Hobbitstee
*Beginner level 2  (Offline): Saltoschool de Hobbitstee (Class canceled this semester)
*Beginner level 3  (Online): google classroom & google meet

Korean Course

REGISTRATION- Korean Language course

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