Korean Course

Korean Course


Korean Language Course

Thank you for visiting our website.
We are planning to start a Korean Language Course in 2021.
Are you interested in learning Korean? Are you curious about Korea and Korean culture?
Anyone who wants to learn Korean language is all welcome

General information :

* The class begins on 18th of Sep.(Saturday) : Total of 15 class days

* The registration period for a student : 10th of September

* Time : 09:15 am ~ 12:00 pm Every Saturday (Total of 15 class days)

* Place for offline class: Saltoschool de Hobbitstee (Schelluinen 2, 5653 JM Eindhoven)
* Online class : google classroom & google meet

Course Levels:
We will open Korean classes (max. 10 people a class) for a beginner 1 and a beginner 2 levels for this semester

Lesson Fee:
Lesson fee is 250 euros per a semester (half year). This can be only paid by online transfer.

Korean School Eindhoven

REGISTRATION- Korean Language course

Thank you

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